January 2017 Blog

At the beginning of January I received a brand-new Laser 4.7 sail and bottom mast which was funded by Rockfish and I am extremely grateful for this.

In the middle of January I went for lunch with Ed Fevyer and met Henry Bomby, who was very inspiring.  He has achieved so much.  We discussed lots of things including the new boat, getting spares for the boat as well as dietary items, such as hydration packs and energy supplements for fitness.

The next weekend I went to the Laser 4.7 Ladder 5 event at Draycote Sailing Club, this was funded by Rockfish and we hired a boat.  This was the qualifiers for the European Championships in Murcia in Spain. On the first day, we had some problems with the hired boat but the next day we got most of them sorted and I did better. I finished all 6 races. A few days later I received an email offering me a place at the European Championships.  This is an amazing opportunity for me, and will be a great experience.

The next weekend I went back to the WPNSA for another T1 training for the laser Radials, this was also funded by Rockfish, it was 20 knot wind for most of the weekend.   It was challenging as I need to put weight on, but I managed to keep the boat up for most of it. During the weekend, we were practicing going fast both upwind and downwind. On the second day, we were practicing race starts as well with a windward, leeward course.

The radial is the next size up from the 4.7, which I will be moving onto next year.  This year I will be sailing with the 4.7 sail, and will be doing more T1 training for the 4.7 in February and March at the WPNSA in the run up to The European Championships.

I have also just got my own website (https://connormyerssite.wordpress.com/) thanks to Ed Ovenden and Laura Cowan for setting it up for me. I have also set up a Facebook and Twitter (@sailingconnor) where I will be updating lots as well as my Instagram (@sailing_connor).

This weekend I am going to look at a boat we have found. I will share more next month.rockfish-pic

This month has been very good due to all the events I have been to and the experience I have gained. I’m looking forward to getting my new boat then it’s lots of practice!  Thank you to Rockfish for giving me this opportunity and to my family for taking me to these events and believing in me.

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