March 2017 Blog

In the first weekend of March I went to the RYA Dinghy Show in London where I saw Ali Young’s and Nick Thompson’s Rio 2016 Lasers. I also purchased a Hiking Bench thanks to family and other supporters, I also bought a new foil bag and a fine tuning book. I have since used the Hiking Bench lots and I am already seeing changes.


I then got my new road trailer thanks to Rockfish which is very nice and the boat fits on it perfectly, it is very quiet and smooth on the road.


A few weeks later I got my new Zhik gear thanks to Rockfish. The wetsuit is extremely warm and comfy and the buoyancy aid fits very well and doesn’t get in the way of my movements as my old one did. The 360 boots are amazing, with the Zhik Grip 2 hiking strap the boots act like velcro with the strap but still easy to move around.


In the last weekend of March, I went to the WPNSA for T1 training where the wind was averaging around 20-22 knots which I found a lot easier to handle with the 4.7 rig, we were working on boat speed and going over waves, then we did some races. The boat speed with adjusting controls finely was challenging at first but I got hang of it very quickly and was moving through the fleet. Going through the waves was very helpful to learn especially with body movements not just rudder movements.


The races were very helpful to practice especially the starts, after 1 or 2 races I realised there was more wind to the starboard (right) of the curse, as everyone was going to the port (left), I decided to go right and ended up round the top mark first and then everyone else started to go the same way as me.


I am now preparing for the European Championships in about a week and a half, very excited but nervous at the same time, this will be a great experience for me so I am looking forward to it and the atmosphere. I’m proud to be representing Great Britain.


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