August 2017 Blog

At the beginning of August, I took part in The Youth Nationals in Abersoch.  On Day 1 I placed 39th, and a DNC.  Day 2 I placed 35th and 37th.  On Day 3 there was 3 races of which I placed, 36th, 31st and 33rd which I was pleased with as it is better than I have done at the ladder events and I was starting to beat many people who I previously couldn’t beat.


The next 2 days of racing were cancelled due to the winds being too strong.


On the last day of racing, I got 35th and 37th place, which was okay as the conditions were very light winds, but I was still beating people who beat me consistently in the ladders which I was pleased with.


Overall I finished 39th out of 49 at The Youth Nationals.  I am definitely moving in the right direction.  I am pleased about this as it is tough competition against people who have been sailing lasers in these events for years.


The Monday after this, I had club racing where I got 4th place due to the light winds and the other boats I compete against sail better in lighter winds.  I need to train more in lighter winds which I will make sure to do.


The following week, we borrowed the Rockfish Rib.  I got some practise on the water and was able to get out further with having safety cover.  We tried to sail to Exmouth but the wind was too strong.  We managed to get round to Dartmouth for a few hours to practice in tidal areas which was challenging but we got lots of attention.


After this I was away for a week on Holiday so there was no training or racing.


When I got back, myself and two friends sailed to Dartmouth in an Impala yacht.  We stayed there for the night before sailing back the next day which was a great experience,


The next day I went to Cardiff with two friends to watch the extreme sailing catamarans which were amazing, I would love to have a go on them one day. They travel faster than the wind in some cases and hydrofoil in 10 knots of wind.  This was very inspiring to watch.


I am looking forward to the winter sailing as there tends to be stronger winds.  This makes it more challenging but really good for learning more boat controls in stronger winds, and so helping me to become a much better sailor.

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