September 2017 Blog

On the 2nd and 3rd of September I was at the 1st Ladder event in Pwllheli where we did 4 races on the 1st day in around 15 knots of wind, I came thirty third in the first race, thirty sixth in the second, thirty third in the fourth and twenty eighth in the last which I was pleased with, on the 2nd day the racing was postponed for one hour and then they abandoned racing due to strong wind and the visibility was getting worse so the race committee didn’t want to take any risks.

On the Monday following this, I had Monday night racing at the yacht club where there was light winds giving me a double second place which wasn’t too bad.

The next weekend on the Saturday, I was racing at Royal Torbay Yacht Club where I got first place in the first race and last in the second race as I accidentally did an extra lap in the first race as I didn’t realize I was ahead by far so the committee started the next race without me. This placed me in 2nd place in the race table overall. There was between 20 and 30 knots of wind during the day and it was building but it was good conditions for strengthening my legs.

The next day, I was racing at Brixham Yacht Club with my friends in an Impala where there was only one race which we won, there was over 30 knots of wind and we were extremely healed over for most of the race so it took a lot of hard work to keep the boat up and going at speed but we managed it. I hope to race more with the yachts going into the winter and next year to give me more experience.

The next day I was racing again at Brixham Yacht Club but back in my laser, this time in strong winds with frequent waves causing a tough time keeping the bow in the water ending me in 2nd place again. I was pleased with my performance.

On the 23rd of September, I had another Ladder event but this time at Paignton Sailing Club so very local for us. In the first race I came thirty seventh, the second race I came forty second, the third race I came thirty fourth, the fourth race I came forty first, then that was the end of the 1st day, this was also the South West Championships so we had plenty of other boats out in the bay. On Day 2 in the first race, I came forty second and in the second race thirty eighth.  There was barely any wind on the second day though so it was a challenge. We were also lucky enough to have the Rockfish Rib for safety cover with my Dad and another Dad in the rib as volunteers.  It was great to race locally, and I can definitely see improvements, and pleased with finishing thirty fourth in one race.  Overall I ended up finishing 41st out of 54.

I have quite a few training sessions coming up in the next couple of months, one really amazing one, I can not wait to share with you!  Along with qualifiers for The European and World Championships next year.

Also, on the 30th of September I competed in the Southern Championships for taekwondo and got a gold medal for sparing and a silver medal in tag team sparing.

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