November 2017 Blog

On the 4th and 5th of November, I was at Grafham Water Sailing Club for Ladder 4 of the 4.7 Ladder Series, there was strong wind here around 15-20 knots. On the first day, I got a 31st in the 1st race out of 48, 16th in the 2nd and 26th in the 3rd which I was very pleased with. On the second day, The wind was equally as strong so I managed to secure a 17th in the first race, 34th in the second and then the wind dropped dramatically so I only managed a 42nd which was my discard, although I was disappointed with my last race I took the positives away from the weekend and I am going to try and train more in lighter winds to improve my position in the fleet. I finished the weekend in 29th, moving my overall ladder position to 28th in the league, which I am really pleased with as I was placed 59th in July,


On the 11th and 12th, I was at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for a weekend of training with Nick Thompson and Ali Young, our Rio Olympians for the Laser. This was an amazing experience. On the first day, the wind was over 30 knots in the morning so we took 2 boats into the center which is a big hanger, one of these boats were mine, and we went through the boat in 2 groups, I was with my boat and Ali Young. We went through how the controls affect the sail and when to use them, small tips to do with the boat and hiking technique. I could see all of these things paying off in the afternoon when we went sailing in around 20-25 knots of wind doing some races, in the 4.7 rig I was beating lots of standards and radials which are lots bigger and all the other 4.7 sailors which I was very pleased with. That evening, we went back to the center for a Q&A with Nick and Ali where I learned a lot ranging from diet to training programs.


The second day, the wind was even stronger than the first day and due to build more. So we decided to rig 4 boats, 1 standard, 2 radial and 1 4.7 and do time trial races around a buoy and back, I got 9 minutes and 7 seconds, the girl after me got 9 minutes 28 seconds and the next sailor got 9 minutes 13 seconds. Overall I won this but it was very close and the wind picked up as the other 2 sailors did the course, I also beat a lot of Radial and Standard times. This meant I won my class 1st position winning a trophy and signed laser flag.


On the 18th, I was at Royal Torbay Yacht Club where there was around 20 knots of wind, I took the Radial sail out for a challenge and managed to secure 1st place in each of the two races which I was pleased with.


The next weekend, I was back at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club Where there was around 15-20 knots of wind with a huge gust of around 30 at one point which took everyone by surprise, in the 1st race, I got 2nd behind someone who is 4th nationally in the Laser standard. In the 2nd race it was just me and the 4th nationally laser standard sailor and I managed to beat him securing a 2nd and 1st that day which I was pleased with.


The following day, I went racing on the yachts but we were forced to retire after the race due to missing a buoy which was disappointing but during the results, I got awarded the dinghy sailing best cadet of the year for the 2nd year on the run and 2nd in the dinghy series although I did miss a lot of races due to other competitions which brought my results down so I was really pleased with this.


It has been a really good month.  I have had some great training and good results.  I have also qualified for the European Championships in Greece next year to represent Great Britain.

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