December 2017 Blog

On the 9th of December I was at the RYA Youth Fitness Profiling which you need to pass to become eligible for the RYA Youth Squad. I passed this and did well, with my best section being the standing long jump reaching 2.33 meters.  My pushups I also did very well, as well as my agility and pullups and my aerobic fitness I also passed. I was happy with my results but I am still training to maintain and improve all of these.


On the 16th of December, I was at Royal Torbay Yacht club for the Christmas Pursuit Race, I came 2nd in this but it was a close race between one of the other Rockfish sailors, Julia Barnes. It was strong winds with many patches of lulls which we had to navigate our way through but it was great for training and a great learning experience.


I have also partnered with Platinum Health and Fitness for gym use.  We are producing  a training program which I am extremely grateful for so I can move up to Radial and eventually the Standard rig to sail in the Olympics.


The plan  for 2018 is staying in Britain for maximal training and improvement doing Ladder events.  I want to fully move up to Radial rig, when I’ll start training and racing nationally with that and potentially the Youth Nationals in Radial in July. I hope to do a world record which you will hear more about in the coming year. Also lots of fitness and gym training to make my sailing easier so I can stay focused on the water for longer.


A Happy New Year to all of my supporters and thank you for everything, I couldn’t have come this far without all of you. A huge thank you to Rockfish and Mitch Tonks for all of your support and believing in me this year, I am extremely grateful for all of it and I won’t let you down. Another big thank you to my family for all of your support by taking me to all of the events and taking up most of your weekends to do this with.

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