February 2018 Blog

On the 8th of February, I went on a ski trip with the school to Crans Montana Switzerland, we got back on the 16th. This was great for my fitness and leg strength as we were doing lots of red and black runs as well as going off piste which works your legs so much more and it also works different parts of your legs which will help with my sailing.


On the 24th and 25th of February I was at the WPNSA for Radial T1 training. On the Saturday there was around 20 knots of wind which dropped during the day and then built back up to around 23-24 knots which was challenging but I pushed through. In the morning session, we worked on boat speed in our groups and improved our hiking techniques, then in the afternoon session we did a little more of this and then 3 races in which I placed well in considering I hadn’t raced in radial against other laser sailors before.


On the Sunday, the wind was too strong to go out so we did lots of theory work which included going through the videos from Saturday and bringing boats into the theory rooms to go through hiking and downwind positions and how to get the most out of your boat.  It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.


The radial sail is the next size sail I need to move up into fully this year.  It is the next size sail up from the 4.7 I currently sail.  The sail size changes with your weight.  At the moment I really need to increase my weight to be able to sail in the higher winds successfully in the radial.  I am now going to the gym regularly, and I am starting to see the difference and put weight on.


I also got my branded Rockfish Red clothing, which I am proud to wear.

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