March 2018 Blog

On the 1st of March, We had lots of snow in Brixham so I decided to take the wheels off an old skateboard and go to a hill about 20 minutes away with some friends. We did some snowboarding and sledging, this was good for my balance.

On the 3rd of March, me and my friend Callum went to the Suzuki RYA Dinghy Show in London, this was a great experience just like last year and we met some of my friends from the laser fleet. I bought some new equipment and kit for my laser including hiking pads as everyone has always said I need them!  Hiking pads are worn under your wetsuit, and help you hike for longer by providing support.
There was also a cycling simulator hosted by the British Youth Sailing and it was how far could you cycle and Tom Squires (Olympic windsurfer) got 942m and Stuart Bithell (Olympic 49er sailor) got 900m and I got 830m which I was happy with.  I also was fortunate enough to meet Ian Walker who is the Director of Racing at the RYA, he is also a trustee of The John Merricks Sailing Trust.  It was an honour to meet him.
On the 12th, I was at Rockfest which is Rockfish’s annual festival for all of the staff, I am grateful for the opportunity to go there and I met lots of new people and had a great time. I took the laser along, and it was great to see it rigged up at the event and outside Rockfish Dartmouth.
On the 26th I was invited to give a short presentation to the Rotary Club of Tormohun, who awarded me their Mike Sangster Sport Foundation award last year.  I had a lovely evening with them, I was invited to dinner, and then I gave a presentation on my achievements since being awarded last year.
I am also continuing to train at the gym and have put weight on to help my transition into the Radial sail which I am pleased with.

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