April 2018 Blog

On the 3rd and 4th of April, I was at Warsash Sailing Club for Laser 4.7 UKLA training. In the morning we worked on boat speed doing rabbit runs with strong wind which was good and I started to learn to roll the boat going down wind to catch waves. In the afternoon, the winds dropped off a lot and we practiced race starts which was good to practice my trigger pulls and finding a good transit.


On the 2nd day, there was too much wind to sail in so we went through the videos from the previous day and thought of things to make the boats faster and smoother. We then went through some strategies and tactics for when on the water before and during a race. We then had a wall sit contest which I won after the last person standing gave up after around 5 mins I was left. Then we proceeded to do an abdominal workout as a group which was challenging for everyone. After that, we did a race which was around a kilometer which I also won.


On the 16th, I had club racing at Brixham Yacht Club which was good but the light and shifty conditions made it challenging. I managed to win both races but it was very tough conditions.


On the 19th, I started my DofE Silver Practice Expedition in Dartmoor. After the 1st day we were the only group not to get lost which was amazing and the 2nd day not many groups got lost but there w


as lots more hills which hurt my knees but I managed to push through and ready for the main expedition in July.


On the 23rd, I was back at Brixham Yacht Club for the club racing but there was only me and another racer who retired mid way through the first race after I had completed it. It was good for training getting over the waves and being stable downwind.


On the 28th, I had club racing at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club where there was extremely light winds we almost didn’t end up racing but once the racing got underway I managed to secure a 2nd and 3rd place which I was happy with due to the other boats and conditions.


On the 30th, I had club racing at Brixham Yacht Club where I decided to have a change and go in my friends fireball as a crew. There was strong winds and lots of waves which made it a challenge to stay stable on the trapeze but it was good fun but tacking was a challenge. We managed to secure 2 x 2nd place which we were both pleased with as we had never sailed together.


I’ve still been training lots at the gym to gain weight for the Radial sail which is going well. I can see changes to my body and feel heavier after adding lots of protein to my diet over the last month.

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