May 2018 Blog

On the 5th of May, I was at Rutland Sailing Club for Ladder 9. On the first day, they sent us out on the water and we waited for 5 hours before the race committee decided there was no wind and they would send us back in to wait for wind to fill in, which it didn’t so eventually they abandoned racing for the day which was frustrating.


On the 6th, racing was held back an hour before the committee sent us out where we waited and did nothing for an hour before the committee started a race where there was lots of shifts and barely enough wind to sail. In this race I came 32nd and due to the conditions this was okay. We then waited another hour before the committee tried to complete another race with no wind before the little breeze shifted 180 degrees so our upwind was our downwind and the race was abandoned. We then waited another 3 hours before the race committee abandoned racing all together for the day.


On the 7th, the race committee postponed racing from the very beginning of the day as there was no wind and after 5 hours of waiting in the hot sun they decided to abandon our racing and send us home after a long and tiring event. It was a frustrating weekend, but I managed to have a good conversation with the British Youth Squad Coach about my transition into the next size sail (Radial).


There hasn’t been much wind for all of this month so there wasn’t much sailing to be done which was disappointing but hopefully there will be lots more in June for lots of good racing.  I have been at the gym more and on my hiking bench.


On the 20th of May, I was at Royal Torbay Yacht Club for the racing, once again there wasn’t much wind and it was more of a drifting race but I managed to secure a 2nd and 3rd place which I was pleased with.


This month I have also been awarded my Assistant Instructors Certificate from Brixham Junior Sailing club.  I can now help teach others how to sail and make them love the sport as much as I do.


I have also started to work in Rockfish, this is good as I get an insight to my main sponsors and it is good fun. All of the staff are friendly and I’m enjoying working there and learning new things. Thank you to Rockfish for this opportunity.


This month I have started my GCSE’s at school.  6 weeks of exams, then I am looking forward to focussing on my sailing more.   I have one more event in June in the 4.7 sail, then I am going fully over to the radial sail.   I have the Youth Nationals coming up in Plymouth in July, so I am looking forward to that. This will be my first National event in the Radial sail.  I still have to put more weight on, but its going in the right direction, and this is the next step in my journey.

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