July 2018 Blog

On the 1st of July, I was at Royal Lymington Yacht Club for the 2nd day of my final laser 4.7 events. We had almost finished the 1st race when the wind died off and the tide changed so we were unable to get round the marks causing for abandonment and the wind never picked up enough for another race which was disappointing.

After this I suffered a knee injury which put me out of sailing for 2 weeks and they still weren’t right after that time, we saw a physio and osteopath and are still seeing the osteopath to make them as good as they can be for future events.
On the 14th, I was at WPNSA for Radial T1 training where there was light winds so lots of roll tack practice and some roll gybe which was good to improve my light wind sailing in the new sail. We also did some racing where I placed fairly well.
On the 15th, the wind was a bit stronger but still practicing roll tacks and gybes and some race strategy then the second half of the day was racing where I did fairly well once again.
On the 22nd, my nationals started in Plymouth, this was my first event using the radial sail and in a fleet of 85 boats. Getting a good start and clean air won you half of the race and in 85 boats this was very difficult especially using a new sail I’ve never used in competition. On this day I came 70th and then got a black flag which I was disappointed with.
The next day there was no racing so we went to Rockfish Plymouth for a lovely meal and great service.
The day after this there was 3 races scheduled to make up for the Monday, we got all 3 of these races in and I placed 74, 67, 64th which I was more pleased with than the first day but still wanted to improve on.
The next day we got another 3 races done to make us up to the plan of 2 races a day after missing two on Monday, in these I placed 71, 62, 63 which was better than the previous day again which was good but I still wanted to improve.
The next day there was no racing again due to no wind which was disappointing.
On the final day the wind was very light but we still managed to get one race in with large waves where I placed 69th which wasn’t too bad but overall this was a good event concidering I had bad knees which effected any hiking and movemts I did in the boat.
I am looking forward to more events in the Radial sail and 1 on 1 coaching to improve my sailing ability.received_1973693565986293received_1973693519319631

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