August 2018 Blog

On Saturday the 4th, I was at Royal Torbay Yacht Club for the club racing where there was lighter winds leading to a 2nd and 3rd which was good as I could practice roll tacks and gybes to generate power in the sail which I was pleased with.


On the 6th, I was at Brixham Yacht Club for the club racing where there was very light winds leading to a 1st and 2nd place where I was practicing more roll tacks and gybes which I was pleased with again. It has been very hot this month so it’s been very important to stay hydrated whilst sailing as the sun also reflects off the water causing extra heat exhaustion.


On the 11th, I was back at Royal Torbay Yacht Club for the club racing where there was medium winds leading to a 3rd and 2nd place which I was fairly pleased with. I was unable to use roll tacks and gybes so I was practicing with my compass more.


On the 13th I was at Brixham Yacht Club for the club racing where there was strong winds and big waves, a laser mast snapped and another rudder broke as well as a full rig on a mirror dinghy most of this in the 2nd race, I managed to get a 1st place in both races with lots of hiking and decision making.


On the 15th, I was at the WPNSA with Georgina Povall (who is one of our top female laser sailors and who is also part of the British sailing team) for some 1 on 1 coaching where I learned lots, we started with checking my rig which has ended up in an expensive rope and block order but will make the difference. After this we set up and started sailing down wind towards the cliffs and out of the harbour where Georging was teaching me drop pumps and up turns to flick the leach when trying to catch a wave, I soon switched boats with Georgina making it a lot easier with the newer lines and blocks, I picked the techniques up fairly quickly but need practice on before I start to use in national events, these created a huge difference in my downwind speed and making it lots easier for marginal surfing.


After this we worked on upwind speed, keeping the boat flat and playing with the mainsheet more, after a kicker adjustment, my speed increased dramatically driving the boat forwards rather than fighting it wanting to go sideways. Playing with the mainsheet gave me an advantage when steering over the waves as I was playing with the power in the sail ro keep the boat flat as well.


After the upwind speed we worked on tacking and getting my feet around the hiking strap before I tack so I can hike out straight away to keep the boat driving forwards. This also made it easier to play the mainsheet straight away rather than switching hands during the tack.


After that, we worked on start line techniques such as a double tack, sailing backwards, crabbing and a few others. I picked some of these up quickly and others I need to work on in my own time but this was very beneficial.  The whole day was fantastic and a great experience, I learned so much. Now looking forward to putting it all into practise. I also have another day booked for later in the year with Georgina again.


On the 18th, I was back at Royal Torbay Yacht Club to put my newly learned skills to the test in the Sprint Championships. Which is 6 short races and the results are combined together like a normal championship. In these races I came; 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 1st. Being the most consistent racer won me 1st place in the championships with various winds ranging from strong winds to searching for any wind but I still managed to win these.


On the 23rd, I went to my old secondary school to get my GCSE results in which I did very well in. I was happy with my results and decided to do a level 3 diploma in Sports and Exercise Science.


I am looking forward to a busy end of this year with all the Radial Events coming up.



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