September 2018 Blog

On the 3rd September I was racing in Brixham Yacht Club, testing out my new lines and blocks.  Strong winds leading and big waves leading to big decision making whether to go where the waves were smaller but the wind was lighter or both where bigger, this lead to a double 1st place. Many boats either retired of had breakages leading to a retire.


On the 8th September I was racing with Royal Torbay Yacht Club in Torquay coming 1st and 2nd out of the two races.  This gave me the opportunity to try out some new techniques picked up from my 1 on 1 coaching with Georgina Povall such as not swapping my hands over after a tack so I can keep the speed going before I swap hands.  Back in Brixham, the Gig rowing club where doing a rowing challenge, so I took part in this with my brother which was good fun.  I managed a good time too, and apparently, I am good enough to be a rower!


On the 10th I was back at Brixham Yacht Club for a pursuit race.  It was a challenging race due to light conditions and the typography of the land causing lots of wind shifts and changes in pressure.  I had a good race and came 1st.


Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th I did a PB2 course.  It was a good weekend and I passed, which means I can now competently helm a power boat/rhib. This means I can help more with volunteering and training/ coaching other young sailors/ racers.


Monday 17th saw another pursuit race in Brixham.  Light winds this time, giving me the opportunity to try out some new techniques, the pressure was changing at different parts of the course and we were forced to search for gusts and lifts. This lead to another 1st place.


Monday 24th the third and final pursuit race at Brixham.  More light winds, but again good practice for me in different conditions, I was practicing using the right of way to my advantage using the Windward Leeward rule a lot as well as some others.  It was also the final club race of the season.  I came in 1st place.


On Saturday 29th I was back at Torquay for club racing.  Light winds once again.  “The World” cruise ship was in port, and I managed to get a closer view as we sailed past.  2 races, coming in 2nd and 1st place. This was good to practice my roll tacks and lane holding in light winds. The 2nd place was disappointing as the winner wouldn’t move when I called Windward causing contact between our boats and my boat to stall which was annoying. I couldn’t protest this as I had work.


Lots of club racing this month and practise, I have also eaten a couple of times at Rockfish Brixham, great views and great food!  Looking forward now to a busy October, some National events and lots of training!

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