October 2018 Blog

On the 6th of October, I was at the WPNSA for more training with Georgina Povall from the British Sailing Team.  With winds up to 35 knots, we practiced some upwind boat speed and downwind stability before coming in for lots of theory work including start line technique and in race technique. This has improved my strong wind sailing lots and my knowledge on the start line to get a better start which will lead to a better race. After this we went up with the Youth Squad and Sam Whaley (who is also in the British Sailing Team) on the TRX straps in Portland, these have some amazing exercises and stretches which I’m sure to do again.  It was a great day, and once again I learned a lot. Hopefully will be able to have some more one on one sessions with Georgina in the near future.


On the 13th, I was at the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club for my first World & European Qualifier, it was forecast to be up to 35 knots as we thought we wouldn’t sail but there was only about 20 knots of wind so the committee decided to race the fleets. Launching was a struggle as the waves were crashing down onto the beach where we had to launch from and then we were raced over a sand bar where there was waves higher than the mast, on my 2nd race, I sailed down these waves during my last downwind to gain more places but this ended up in my boat being flipped over with the mast dug into the sandbar and the bottom section of my mast snapping. Because of this I had to retire. Other members of the British Sailing Team broke their mast the same way that I did and some even came in without anything broke because the conditions were too dangerous.


On the 20th of October, I was back at the WPNSA for another World and European Qualifier with extremely light winds, on the first day we only managed to get one race done in which I did quite well but this race was later abandoned due to unfair course setting. The next day there was a bit more wind and we managed to get the 3 scheduled race complete in which I came 54th, 65th and 59th out of 73 with a bit more wind than the saturday.


On that weekend I also met Rhos Hawes who is another sailor sponsored by Rockfish and he is also in the British Sailing Team sailing a 49er with Morgan Peach. We only met for a quick talk and a photo but hopefully we’ll go sailing in a 49er one day in the near future.


On the 27th, I was at Rutland Sailing Club for the Laser Inland Championships where there was up to 30 knots on the Saturday with freezing conditions, we managed to get 3 races in but not many people were pleased with the racing.  On the second day not much had changed, the wind was a little less strong and the temperature was the same but we still managed to get out racing. My best race being a 32nd which I was pleased with and I finished the regatta in 43rd place out of 51, which I was disappointed with, but it was a tough weekend.


I’ve been spending lots of time in the gym this month trying to bulk up for the radial sail and eventually the standard sail which I am looking forward to. It has been a challenging month transitioning into the radial sail, but I feel I am progressing, and  I am currently in 33rd place in the Radial Youth Ladder out of 52.

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