November 2018 Blog

On the 10th of November I was at Poole Yacht club for the Laser Youth Regatta. These conditions were extremely challenging and with large fluctuations of wind from as low as 2 knots increasing up to as high as 42 knots within the same 10 minutes. This lead to a 12th, 15th and 14th place which I was fairly pleased with considering the varying conditions.


The following day, the wind was much lighter but far more shifty averaging at around 20 knots which lead to lots of course bias constantly changing. I managed to get 13th, 12th and a 17th due to being disqualified because I was over the start line at the beginning of the race but this was my best race of the regatta other than being over the line.


On the 22nd of November, I received my awards from Brixham Yacht Club. I received a 1st, 2nd and 3rd medal; the 1st was for the sprint race series and the 2nd and 3rd were from the seasonal series, however, I won every race I participated in apart from 2 in which I came 2nd.


On the 30th, I was at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club for the awards evening in which I won a trophy for the Winter series of 2017. During the year I have also won the Autumn 2018 and the sprint series. I was proud to receive these awards, and they remind me that I am continuing to improve.


This month has been a good as I have experienced many challenging conditions and learnt how to deal with them. I have also been training hard in the gym, to improve my fitness and stamina.

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