January 2019 Blog

On the 12th of January, I was at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy for Radial T1 training. Saturday the 12th there was medium strength wind between 12 and 20 knots throughout the day, we decided to work on the first 10 minutes of the race, the 5 minutes before and the first minutes during. The 5 minutes before the race consisted of a range of drills including falling leaf, trigger pull, scoop and double tack. A falling leaf is reversing backwards and turning to sail backwards but up the line to gain spaces and then accelerating forwards into a new space higher up the line than you were originally. A trigger pull is a movement you do around 5 seconds before the race starts to accelerate the boat quickly and losing the least amount of possible distance down the line, so your boat punches out in front of everyone else’s as the gun signals the start. A scoop is where you pump the boat to head upwind and possibly a little further and then head back to the original angle so to gain a few metres up the line to slow down your drift and create a gap to allow a bigger trigger pull. A double tack is when there is a large gap above you, so you tack and put your bow down, so you don’t cross the line and then travel up the line and just before you reach the starboard boat, you put in another tack, so you have a large gap to place your trigger pull. We also worked on holding a lane and maintaining maximum boat speed off the line, so you don’t lose your place and become forced to tack off giving away your lane for someone else to drop into.  We also did some races in which I placed well in due to my morning practice.

On the 13th, the winds were much stronger, so we decided to do a 1 session-day. We started to session off with the same manoeuvres as the previous day, but they were more challenging than the 12th due to the stronger winds, I was still pleased with my ability to perform a falling leaf and a trigger pull despite the conditions. After this we tried to put all these skills into practice with some racing. As we did this, the wind strength kept building and I started to struggle due to my lack of weight.

I have been working on my weight lots this month and I am happy to be staying at 62-63kg in both the morning and evening showing that my weight is staying. I have been doing Tae-Kwon-Do a fair bit also to keep my cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance at peak ready for my RYA fitness profiling in the beginning of February, last year I surpassed my expectations so this year I hope to do the same again, I plan to do trail bleep tests on the treadmill to see if I can withstand the correct pace and hold it for the required amount of time.

I’m looking forward to lots of events coming up over February and March including the dinghy show, qualifiers and fitness profiling. IMG_20190112_185326_389

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