June 2019 Blog

This month, I have been to an appointment with the neurologist where he told me that my brain is misinterpreting the messages it is reading from my knees causing them to give way and cause me pain as they are spending lots of time in a bent position causing more pressure on my ligaments which makes them inflame and cause lots of pain.

I am starting hydrotherapy next month which should help me to regain my confidence on my feet and regain lots of muscle strength. I hope to have 4 or 5 sessions of this and then move onto land based therapy where I will get used to running and jumping on my journey to a full recovery.

I am also hoping to start scenar therapy within the next 2 months hopefully and this should also work towards reprogramming my brain to help my knees work well and pain free.

I’m starting to feel more positive about my knees and hoping that they’ll recover sooner rather than later so I can visit the new Rockfish opening up in Weymouth within the next few months when I’m back to sailing. 20190712_211842

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