2019 Blog

This year has been a bit if a challenge both mentally and physically.

In March, my knees got very bad to the point where I couldn’t even walk and I was in agony almost all of the time. After physio and doctors appointments and an MRI, we found out this was caused by my brain misinterpreting the messages from my knees and vice versa. After hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and a lot of learning to walk again, I started to see results and they started to get back to normal.

In August I then broke my right wrist and due to the nature of the break, an operation was needed, so after a week in a full arm cast I went into theatre, with a plate fitted I then began recovery for a 2nd time this year. After 2 weeks the cast was off and I was wearing a splint. 4 weeks later I could drive and then after a further 2 weeks I started exercising again. I am now able to do press ups again which was the biggest challenge due to the pressure on the wrist in the press up position.

I’ve always has little ticks and twitches, but in mid November they started to deteriorate quite a lot, they had been getting worse over the summer but this was a steep decline. This, among all of the challenges this year, was very hard to deal with both physically and mentally. I sometimes struggle to have a conversation because of my twitches and they’re also very embarrassing. I started medication 2 weeks ago but they didnt react very well with my body, so I have now started another medication in the last couple of days which will hopefully help to reduce my twitches but only time will tell.

This year has been a huge challenge both mentally and physically and I am still recovering from this. I feel a lot better than I did in the middle of the year but we still have a fair way to go. But I am determined to get better and back to normality.


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